Demand Pooling
System Highlights
The following allows you to input very basic descriptive IFB info. DEPO's platform assists state and local governments nationwide in saving significantly on their large ticket procurement needs and soon will (i) facilitate improved recovery on the disposal of surplus equipment; and (ii) provide enhanced financing options for improved rates and greater financing flexibility for their large-scale purchases with important benefits for Suppliers as well.
  DEPO Feature
FREE to Buyers
Designed to comply with familiar "sealed bid process"
System availability 24/7/365
Significant benefits for any size Buyer and Supplier
Buyer and Supplier registration simple and straightforward
Quick IFB Input and upload processes
Attach/Upload all of your underlying procurement documents quickly and easily
Easily re-use stored IFB and bid documents
View and Edit previously created Product Specifications/IFBs online
Buyers maintain their own unique product specifications and related requirements
Configure a variety of your complex products online
Share your IFBs with individuals or other SLGs that you designate
State-of-the-art aggregation engine
Indicate as many delivery schedules (locations and quantities) as you need
Electronic pool notification process for Buyers and Suppliers
Question & Answer features with electronic notification
Supplier online bid response system
Supplier documentation upload capabilities
Online Buyer Award process
Supports your desire for "partial bid/awards" allowing small businesses and/or diversity businesses to competitively win bids or partial bids
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