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“We sometimes combine our need for high-valued asset purchases with neighboring cities, counties or with the state and get meaningful savings, but we cannot always find an available contract. This new service promises us much more flexibility and even greater savings.”

Michael S. Levinson
City Manager, City of Coral Springs, FL

“I think that the UK and Europe will be exciting market opportunities for these new products with the increasing pressures to review and modify budgets downwards. As in the U.S., many local government budgets here face significant and mounting pressures.”

Sir Anthony Jolliffe GBE
Former Lord Mayor
London, England

"[States and Local Governments] should establish multi-state purchasing consortia... in order to improve procurement efficiencies and reduce costs of homeland security."

Dept of Homeland Security
Taskforce on State and Local Homeland Security Funding
June 2004

"When cities, counties, or state governments set out to buy vehicles, including police cars or fire trucks, they sometimes are offered the opportunity or are required to purchase from pre-negotiated local contracts. These often do not work as well for some entities as that promised by DEPO's new service, which allows each entity to maintain its own product specs. This is critical since one entity's needs almost are never exactly the same as those of its neighbor."

Chuck Anderson
Executive Director Michigan Education Assn;
former Dallas City Manager, Executive Director of
Dallas Area Rapid Transit

"Generally, demand aggregation should work for companies that are anxious to obtain better visibility of demand and wish to pursue this very large market."

Lee J. Styslinger, III, President and CEO
Altec Industries
(supplier of capital equipment to private and public sector)
Birmingham, Alabama

"DEPO's services offer new tools to cities and other governmental agencies, providing opportunities for reducing costs of purchasing capital equipment."

George R. Schrader
Former City Manager City of Dallas, TX
Former Pres, International City/County Managers Assn (ICMA)

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