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“I think that the UK and Europe will be exciting market opportunities for these new products..."

Sir Anthony Jolliffe GBE Former Lord Mayor,
London, England

"...States and Local governments should establish multi-state...purchasing consortia..."

Dept of Homeland Security Taskforce on State and Local Gvt Homeland Security Funding, June 2004

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Cooperative Buying

DEPO's "Cooperative Buying" or "Demand Aggregation" functionality enables state and local governments ("SLGs") to obtain volume-discount pricing (even on small quantity purchases) of "high-ticket" capital assets and certain consumables (motor fuels, water treatment chemicals, etc.) using an automated Web-based interactive method that is free of charge to SLGs. Moreover, it allows each SLG to maintain its own unique product specifications (including for highly configurable products - e.g., police vehicles, fire trucks, transit vehicles). DEPO's process meets or exceeds the special legal requirements for competitive procurement faced by SLGs nationwide. Cooperative Buying is immediately available on-line, via secure internet technology, with no specialized hardware, software, or integration expense. DEPO does not require any loading of software on the buyers' or suppliers' desktops.

The easy-to-use tools assist procurement managers in soliciting bids from qualified suppliers that bid more aggressively on larger volume purchases, thus allowing the SLG's to enjoy the power of volume purchasing typically reserved to large or very large purchasers in the public and private sectors. Even large SLGs benefit from the improved pricing accorded to still larger quantity purchases. Most SLGs already buy cooperatively with other neighboring or regional buyers. DEPO's new process facilitates cooperative buying not only at the regional level but also at the national and even international levels.
 Cooperative Buying Highlights:

Free of charge cost-saving tools for SLGs.
SLGs, nationwide seamlessly combine their collective purchasing power for high-ticket items.
Each SLG maintains it own unique product specs.
High-valued capital assets and commodity purchases typically represent large components of SLG's budgets.
SLGs have common purchase needs (police cars, fire trucks, transit buses and rail cars, school buses, aerial-lift trucks, service vehicles, construction equipment, MRI, CT-scan, etc.)
Fully compliant with existing competitive bid laws.
DEPO empowers the purchasing departments of SLG Buyers and, at the same time, simplifies the process for the Suppliers, providing greater visibility of demand and other benefits that encourage Suppliers to bid more aggressively
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