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“I think that the UK and Europe will be exciting market opportunities for these new products..."

Sir Anthony Jolliffe GBE Former Lord Mayor,
London, England

"...States and Local governments should establish multi-state...purchasing consortia..."

Dept of Homeland Security Taskforce on State and Local Gvt Homeland Security Funding, June 2004

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Comparing DEPO's services with Others'

Features Offered By DEPO and Others Serving State and Local Gvts (1)

High-Ticket capital asset purchases
Cost to Buyer - Free
Cooperative buying (for volume-discount pricing)
Each buyer maintains its own product specs
Pooled Financing/Leasing (improved marketability/rates)
Global auctioning of surplus equip (improved "recovery")
IFB posting/Document management
Product cataloging
Global market addressed
Essential reoccurring purchases
Virtual Product Tours
Product configuration tools
Multi-lingual website
Auction of confiscated or foreclosed items

(1) Not all inclusive

= Offers Full Service
= Offers Partial Service

Company A = Subsidiary of West Coast company engaged in assisting companies to do business with government and governments to find suppliers
Company B = Southeastern U.S.-based provider of services to government agencies
Company C = Western U.S.-based provider of procurement services to public agencies and to suppliers
Company D = Canadian-based provider of software and services to governments and vendors

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